Get a free Moog Synth Refill for Propellerhead Reason

Posted on 14 August 2008


Propellerhead has announced a free Moog-inspired ReFill for registered Reason users
Industry pro’s (and Reason experts), Craig Anderton, Mark Vail and Gordon Reid, donated their best Moog-style patches, built using Reason’s Thor polysonic synthesizer, with the aim to shed some light onto the world of music synthesis that Bob Moog pioneered. Those patches have been assembled into a single Reason ReFill and are available free to registered Reason users on Propellerhead’s website.
“Our hearts and souls are rooted in music synthesis,” says Ernst Nathorst-Boos, Propellerhead Software CEO. “Bob Moog blazed the trail of electronic music synthesis and revolutionized music with his instruments. We urge the Reason community, in fact anyone who has ever used a sawtooth waveform, to reach out and helpsafeguard Bob’s legacy for future generations by donating to the organization.”
Propellerhead also announced a donation to the Bob Moog Foundation. The Foundation’s overall mission is to document, celebrate and teach innovative thinking and to support and honor the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Moog.

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