Avant Garde Samplemeister creates nightmare for GEMA

Posted on 22 August 2008


Avant Garde samplemeister Johannes Kriedler is using his latest work, product placements, to create a nightmare for GEMA (the German RIAA, and explore the ways that copyrights limit art in the process.

Here’s the text of his announcement:

If you want to register a song at GEMA (RIAA, ASCAP of Germany) you have to fill in a form for each sample you use, even the tiniest bit. On 12 Sept 08, German Avant garde musician Johannes Kreidler will —as a live performance event—register a short musical work that contains 70,200 quotations with GEMA using 70,200 forms.

This doesn’t sound like it would be much fun to listen to – but it’s a great performance piece that challenges the status quo when it comes to the arts.

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