The Doepfer Monster Base will make you drool

Posted on 7 September 2008


The Doepfer Monsterbase synth rack is hot enough that I considered marking this one NSFW.

Lucky man Matthew Davidson just took delivery of this monster base, and has the rundown on it at his Stretta site:

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the monster base since it was announced at the Winter NAMM show as I’ve outgrown my frame and desperately required some room to expand. Another monster case is out of the question – I don’t have the space. The monster base is the perfect solution – zero footprint – it occupies the same space my monster case presently occupies.

Overall, I’m delighted. And relieved. More space. More modules. More modular. This is a good thing.

Note: Davidson ran into a problem when he installed his modules that resulted in black smoke pouring out of his new setup. Check his site for the details.

Analogue Haven has more Monster Base info.

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