Cosmovox turns your iPhone into a synthesizer

Posted on 13 September 2008


Leisuresonic has introduced Cosmovox,  a new musical instrument for the iPhone and iPod touch, available now in the App Store.

It looks like an interesting new iPhone synth – it’s motion controlled and has some interesting features, like  support for Balinese gamelan scales.

Better yet, it’s 2 bucks!

Here’s the description, and don’t miss the demo video below.


Cosmovox uses the built-in accelerometer of your iPhone or iPod touch to control a powerful, professional quality synthesizer. As you rotate your iPhone, the pitch of the synthesizer changes with uncanny precision.

Cosmovox owes some of its inspiration to the Theremin, an early 20th century electronic music instrument which is played by moving your hands near an antenna. Cosmovox can convincingly imitate the sound of the Theremin, and other similar electronic instruments which haunt pulp sci-fi movies, yet Cosmovox uses the computing power of your iPhone to do far more.

Cosmovox gives you the power to perform with more than 30 different musical scales. The scale selection includes scales used throughout the world: popular diatonic scales such as Major and Minor, Church modes, Balinese gamelan scales, Japanese pentatonic scales, microtonal scales and many others. You can change the musical scale Cosmovox uses while you perform, and you have 9 other powerful sonic parameters to control too — all of which are available in interactive real-time.

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