miniSynth – an iPhone synthesizer

Posted on 30 September 2008


Yonac Software has introduce an iPhone synthesizer, miniSynth

miniSynth is a vintage-modeling keyboard synth for the iPhone platform, featuring dual oscillators, adjustable retro-style sound filter, attack/decay, glide and a tape-delay influenced delay unit. 


  • Two variable-range, “old school” oscillators
  • Four individual waveforms per oscillator (triangular, sawtooth, sine and square)
  • Six stops per oscillator, giving approximately a 5-7000 Hz range, including individual LFO switches
  • Dedicated VFO mixers
  • User-controllable VCF (variable capacitance filter), with retro-modeling algorithm and feedback
  • User-controllable attack/decay filters
  • Programmable glide
  • Vintage modeling “tape delay” reverb unit, including adjustable delay time and decay
  • Keyboard-on mode
  • 48-key, 4-octave keyboard
  • 10 factory sound presets