Touch screen modular synthesizer

Posted on 10 October 2008


A video demo of Usine 4, which has been updated with touchscreen support. 

Usine is an patch oriented sound software where you can add modules or VST plug-ins and connect them without restriction. The main purpose of this program is to provide a real time analysis of an input signal and then react with, and modify plug-in parameters to produce the sound.

New In Usine 4.0

  • touch screen management
  • 16 audio in/out
  • clear/save/open current track command in the main menu
  • new possible location for Interfaces builder windows: patch or parent patch
  • new rack mode : ‘grid’, ‘rack’ or ‘play all’
  • customizable layouts for all displayed controls
  • no more auxiliary busses order limitations
  • now Usine gives an access to all the module parameters
  • French Quick Start
  • more quantize options in the sampler/ grainSampler :2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 bars
  • New command in the main menu to hide all the popup windows (tab] key)
  • better record (direct to disk) engine
  • better multi-threads optimization
  • more precise Send Midi Time Clock module in the Library
  • preview workspaces/patches info’s in the the browser window
Video here.