A little “Berlin” review…

Posted on 11 May 2009


“I must say this is one of the most engaging ambient records I’ve heard for a long time. There is undoubtedly a Kraftwerk-inspiration in this record, always a good recommendation for me. The mood is extremely ambiental (a stupid thing to say, but it is ;-), with a very professionally arranged sounds and samples, creating sentimental and cold (but not hostile) atmosphere that neatly corresponds with album’s title and an overall concept behind it. As the mood of the record is similar and each piece is a part of whole it’s quite difficult to single out the best composition here, but I pretty enjoyed female (are they female?) voive samples from Bernauer Strasse, and I was also pretty impressed by Nordbahnhof, which is eight-minutes long, but not for a second boring!

In summary, I love the whole record. The sound, the cover, the idea, everything. It’s 10 out of 10 for me. Maybe there are hundreds of similar ambient records out there, but I don’t there. I truly enjoy this one.”

via Jamendo.

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